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The morning after New Labour’s victory of 1997.  Things Can Only Get Better, but they don’t.  A group of pool attendants struggle to keep the gates open and their heads above water, and gently fail. A comedy about drowning, ghosts, grief and forgiveness. 

4 male, 1 female. Good opportunity for colourful and imaginative set design, cubicles, ropes and pool paraphernalia.  The pool is played as light and sound with the audience as the pool itself.  Designed for an audience who remember Tony Blair and life before the internet.

Winner Write Now - Jack Theatre - Shortlist of ten at Eurodram.


How To Love Forever

How do we want what we already have?  How do we desire the person we wake up next to everyday?  Pete and Alison are on a perilous journey to find out, before it’s too late.

A funny, insolent exploration of taboo, desire and need. An intimate, sweaty story, of two people, lost in the ordinary nature of their lives, and the opaque nature of love.

1 female, 1 male. Set in one bedroom throughout. Written for an audience with enough experience of relationships to know the challenges and relish the journey.

Selected for live reading by Dramatists Guild of America.


In The Darkness

London. Overheated, overbuilt and...over...perhaps.  An increasingly detached city state, with a growing chasm between wealth and poverty.

King of the guilt-free corruption is Jeremy Sinclair. This is his country, his city, his home and this is his birthday.  His family and friends have it all. Will his allies follow him even further into the abyss as his carefully constructed life, like his carefully constructed house, crumble around him?

A choking, suffocating, scornful tale of our times.

3 male, 2 female. Ideally a complex, collapsing set. A big, mouthy, pertinent London play suitable for transfer and touring.


Bullet Ready

Dan and Vinnie, gaunt and threadbare British boys whose great grandfathers shovelled coal and hammered rivets, now chisel a living with their fists. They’re befriended by Henri, street-smart monarchy, scalpel sharp and bedecked, intent on winning control of the lost town.

Displaced and irrelevant, all feeling boiled out of them, they've inherited a world where everything has slowly run out, not just fuel and money, but hope, love and now, luck...

2 male, 1 female. A powerful, confrontational production that would work well in a minimalist setting if required. It’s targeted at a younger audience, teenage to thirties.  

Long listed by BBC Writer’s Room with a public reading at Soho Theatre directed by Sara Joyce.


The Nature of Gravity

It was never going to be a quiet woodland picnic, but geneticist Richard Bradford and his wife Shelly had no idea the plans they had carefully laid for each other would collide with such dark consequences.  In the shadowy depths of the Northumberland woods, each tries to destroy the other and pull clear from the undertow of sinister thoughts and desperate acts.  A black comedy exploring just how deep it’s possible to hate the ones we actually love.

2 female 2 male. An audience pleasing comedy.

The play had a well-received public reading at Soho Theatre directed by Kate Bannister.



 A conquering king takes a girl in a cage as his prize. Fresh from violent battle he is a man convinced of his own potency and power. What could a young woman of raw determination and wilful focus possibly do to undermine that...?

A dark place for dark deeds. A cage and a captured girl. A sinister place, far from light and hope. It’s a place to abandon the day and accept the night. A place where things have happened. Where things will happen.

A highly relevant, contemporary play, exploring male and female power, pride and desire. 

1 female. 1 male. A minimalist studio setting. Easy to stage with strong, confrontational parts.

Workshopped at Salisbury Playhouse

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