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Girl with a gun
Lydia Delectorskaya painting

Lydia - The Musical

The story of one of the world’s greatest and most extraordinary artists, living the most extraordinary life in the most extraordinary time, and the woman who made his art and his life possible. 

It’s the story of unrelenting and unstoppable passion.  About Henri Matisse who constantly risked his health, reputation, sanity and relationships in his creative journey; a man who played out all his passions, pleasures, anger and pain on the canvas and a story of the woman who led him every step of the way, Lydia Delectorskaya. Composer - Ken Bolam

Lydia drawing
Henri drawing
Lydia in colour

Songs & Lyrics

Tom wrote the title song for the feature film No Place To Hide with composer Ken Bolam.  Alongside the musical Lydia, Tom has a strong portfolio of lyrics.

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