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Dan and Vinnie, gaunt and threadbare British boys whose great grandfathers shoveled coal and hammered rivets, now chisel a living with their fists. They live in an alley where they’re befriended by Henri, street-smart monarchy, scalpel sharp and bedecked, intent on using the boys to help her win control of the lost town.

Displaced and irrelevant, with all feeling boiled out of them, the three have inherited a world where everything has slowly run out, not just fuel and money, but hope, love and now, luck...

If only Henri hadn't given Vinnie the gun and if only he hadn't shot the dog and if only the dog didn't belong to Megs and if only Megs wasn't a psycho who really loved his dog...




Out of her life of poverty and hunger, violent men and exploitation, Lydia Delectorskaya rises to become the muse, assistant and life force for Henri Matisse, one of the greatest artists of the last century. Without Matisse, Lydia would have been crushed by her grinding and desperate circumstances. Without Lydia there would have been no Henri Matisse. 

1920’s France is set against the contemporary art world of fake pictures and money laundering oligarchs .  Dimitri Vasiliev lost both his parents to the Russian state, but 50 years later in the murky world of 1970’s Russia. He emerges out of his bleak and loveless life in a Russian orphanage, with his single suitcase, to discover a secret legacy his father had hidden for him.  A set of stolen Matisse drawings.

Treatment under option to Freemantle owned Fontoram Paris. 




Much to the consternation of her husband, Rob, Tess experiences her whole pregnancy, and even the child in her womb, as a series of synesthetic colours, smells and sounds.  The pregnancy is going well and the birth is fast approaching. What better moment for Rob to start having second thoughts? Particularly as Tess has an increasingly surreal and telepathic relationship with the unborn baby. Is Tess mad...or just pregnant? Perhaps it’s Rob who should be questioning his mental health. Maybe having a first baby drives all couples a little crazy. Maybe pregnancy means nothing will ever be normal again...if it ever was... 
There is a moment in all our lives when we lose our sanity. For Tess and Rob, it’s now. 

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